New 2012 Model Plastic Hull Design $1199 Now Even Lighter and More Affordable

THE FROG BOAT delivers rugged strength, safety and speed, in a lightweight, portable boat. Work hard and play harder with your Frog Boat!

As a first boat, or an additional boat to take and go, THE FROG BOAT’S ingenious design and leading edge technology mean easy, safe and practical boating.

A must-have for your next fishing, camping or family adventure!

Boat on S.U.V. roof Gary Cooper casting from Frog BoatWhite Frog Boat with electric motor

Rent a Frog Boat for $90.00 a day

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Don Freschi sitting in his Frog BoatMan rowing in yellow Frog Boat

True to its amphibious nature, THE FROG BOAT’S strength is its maneuverability in the water, and its ease of transportation over land.

Lightweight and rugged, THE FROG BOAT is the first choice of people who work hard and play harder. Safe, virtually untippable and unsinkable, THE FROG BOAT is tough. Even when the weather gets rough it stays afloat, on course and will bring you home.

Yellow Frog Boat all packed up in storage

Compact and lightweight, THE FROG BOAT is easily transported on most existing roof racks, on your SUV, family sedan, or even inside your camper. The Frog Boat sets up easily in seconds and its generous carrying capacity ensures all your important cargo has room to go along too.

  • Rugged
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Virtually Untippable
  • Roomy
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Unique
  • Made In Canada

What you can do with

The Frog Boat

Fish all day long – there’s lots of room for your cargo and catch – and a safe spot to put your rod and net! THE FROG BOAT’s stealth design makes it an ideal choice for catching that elusive trout, bass, or your favourite fish.

Carry it to the water with ease; use it for fishing, use it to discover and explore new shorelines, or use it as a swimming dock for your family and friends.

Row it; motor it; portage it. So lightweight you’ll hardly notice it!

Choose a colour to match your style and start reconnecting with the harmony of nature in your Frog Boat.

Most of all, have fun with it!!

Don Freschi catching a beautiful Rainbow Trout in his Frog Boat.Don Freschi catching a beautiful Rainbow Trout in his Frog Boat

A Fisherman’s Dream

"Completely at one with nature with a great sense of belonging, I envisioned myself in THE FROG BOAT in harmony with the environment. The concept, the theory, the storyline, and the timing all came to me at once. THE FROG BOAT would have legs (pontoons) and be one of the most stable, versatile boats available.The experience was almost magical; it was tranquil, peaceful, and left me with a feeling of well-being and safety.”

Michael Reilly
The Frog Boat Inventor

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